Saturday, December 3, 2011

Goals for Next Year...

  • Nice rich compost... I am really hopeful that I will have compost for spring to put on the gardens.  I will continue to put stuff in my second compost bin over the winter.
  • Make tomato cages... I think I have settled on making some of the cages from a 6" wire fencing material and attached to a wooden stake.  I may make some smaller ones for my determinate tomatoes out of plastic fencing material.
  • Start growing lettuce early inside or in the cold frames.  I am thinking maybe by January trying to grow some indoors and maybe late February or early March, in cold frames.
  • Grow a large variety of lettuce and other greens. 
  • Grow several types of tomatoes.  Grow some early ones, cherries, big beefy ones, mid summer ones and paste tomatoes.  There is a variety that I found called Siberia that is suppose to be a 40 day tomato and can grow in cooler weather.  I am definitely going to give them a try!
  • Grow several varieties of beans, including some for drying.  
  • Trying growing a few varieties of potatoes.  I think I am going to take a circle of plastic fencing and grow then in.  I may make a circle of fencing for each variety.  
  • I want to try several types of bell peppers, a banana pepper and maybe an Early Jalapeno pepper. 
Well, I'm sure I will narrow down my goals more and come up with some more.  But that is my goals for now.  So what are your goals in the garden for next year?


  1. Hi Lynn, you are organised already planning what to plant in the new year! I also like to try different types of tomatos,last season was little yellow pear, this season morgage lifter.
    Next year i plan to plant more fruit trees and different colored carrots!

  2. Nice goals--they seem very attainable too. I want to grow some big beefy tomatoes too. I've grown a lot of grape and cherry tomatoes in the past, but I want some big fat slicing tomatoes next year.

  3. A good sets of goals. Trying different variety can determine later which grows best in your area.

  4. Those sound like good goals. I quite like cherokee trail of tears for dried beans: productive, pretty and tasty. This year I also tried one called Chestnut which alo impressed me with yield. Dried beans can be a bit addictive as they don't take up much room, are easy to grow and save. Every year, I try some kind of really early tomato. Taxi is a good, early yellow one though not as early as Siberian!

  5. I find stringing up indeterminates and removing the suckers to work best for me. You can space the plants close and it allows easy access to the fruit that rips from the bottom bunch works its way to those above it. Plus its neat to wiggle the strings to get them to pollinate. :)