Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Greenhouse

We got our greenhouse up today!  Yay!!!  We had to wait a few weeks to put it up because the last two Saturdays in a row, we had high winds and we thought it would make it kinda hard to put up.  Like last week, I think it was 50 mile an hour gusts.  Way to strong to be messing around with building something like this. lol!!!  We got the greenhouse from Big Lots.  I'll admit, I was a bit concerned, but so far I like it.  Hubby and the boys put it together.  They didn't seem to have any major problems and it went together pretty quick.  I'd say it was up in probably an hour.  The plastic seems sturdier than I was worried it would be and the zipper works smoothly.  I just hope it stands up to a strong wind.  We set it up against a north fence.  I hope the fence helps keep it upright.  We also anchored the thing down with some rocks.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the shelves don't fit on real well, but Hubby thinks they will be ok once they have some weight on them so we just left them sitting inside the greenhouse until I have some things to put on them.  I went into the greenhouse about an hour after it was put together and it was really warm in there.  It was probably about 50 degrees outside, but it felt I would guess at least 70 degrees in there.  At least it was warm enough that I would get very uncomfortable pretty soon if I stayed in there for awhile with a jacket on.  That is the best I can describe it.  I am hoping it is warm enough to start my pepper seedlings in there because it does not look like growing in my home is going to work out.  I guess we will see.

Like I said, I got mine at Big Lots, but this one at Amazon looks a lot like it if you want to check it out.  I do not think it is the exact same one, but it looks awful close. The biggest differences that I see is the plastic looks more greenish on the Amazon one and the dimensions I think are different. I think the Amazon one may be a bit smaller.  Also, mine has 6 shelves (2 on the bottom almost on the ground) instead of 4, but it looks like you could just put the plants on the ground in the Amazon one, so the space could still be utilized. 


The second day I used the greenhouse, the zipper got off track a bit, but I was able to correct it.  Around the bottom, it get's hard to zip, because it is tried around the pole.  Since then, I just leave about an inch and a half unzipped.  Hopefully, I won't have anymore troubles.  Also I have noticed a lot of condensation building up in it.  I will have to be careful to open it up when it gets warm to let it air out.

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  1. That's pretty neat! Too bad it can't be anchored.

  2. Maybe you could run some ropes over the top and tie them to anchors if you need more to hold it down.
    Exciting to be planning new plants in the green house.

  3. How exciting and great you had some helpers, now the fun begins...............will be looking forward to seeing photos of your many seedlings........good luck!

  4. A greenhouse is on my wish list! I've looked at similar ones - glad to hear your report!

  5. How cute! I know you will enjoy filling it with plants.

  6. I saw that greenhouse at Big Lots but didn't buy it they are probably all gone now! Good luck with your planting. Warm hugs, Esther